Martial Activities

Hunter’s Moon will include activities for heavy (rattan), fencing, archery, and thrown weapons. Details will be added as areas finalize their schedule.

  • Heavy Fighting: There will be a tournament again, on Saturday, and some melee, depending on what people want to do.
    • 1100-1200: Authorizations
    • 1200 Until Done: Tournament
    • Done until pooped: Melee
    • There will be no fighting on Sunday.
  • Fencing: As usual, we will be having lots of fencing available, so if you don't get to stab someone enough, that's your fault. Full schedule and descriptions are listed on the fencing tournaments page.
  • Archery: The archery range will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 10-4, with breaks for food and shade as the marshals see fit. We will have a standard royal round range set up, and on Sunday we will have the traditional Hunter’s Moon novelty shoot at 1pm. This year's shoot is "When Holidays Attack!" There will be a prize for the winner of the novelty shoot, as well as a special award for the "craziest" shot of the weekend.
  • Thrown Weapons: Yes, there will be a thrown weapons range. Come throw things at our targets, and see if you can make them stick. Must follow SCA thrown weapons rules. :) Check on site for range hours.