Shire of Anglespur

Contacts and Officers

Seneschal's badge

Seneschal: Lady Lorita DeSiena (Melissa Schuman)
seneschal at

Knight Marshall's badge

Knight Marshall: James "Hawk" Galloway
marshal at

Fencing Marshall's badge

Fencing Marshall:
fencing at

Thrown Weaponss Marshall's badge

Thrown Weapons Marshall: Lord William the Mysterious
thrownweapons at

Exchequer's badge

Exchechquer: Lady Irene von Lassan
exchequer at

Chatelaine's badge

Chatelaine: Lady Lorita DeSiena (Melissa Schuman)
chatelaine at

Minister of Art and Science's badge

Minister of Arts and Sciences: Lady Sáerlaith Íngen úi Duinnshléibhe
moas at

Webminister's badge

Web Minister: Lord Harvey Wynegode
webminister at

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