Hunter’s Moon, Bardic and Victuality III: 2nd Breakfast

The Great War is behind us. Weary warriors have returned from foreign lands to recuperate and rest. Pennsic dust and mud has been washed out of garb... repeatedly. Summer is coming to a close and Autumn draws near. But wait! Don’t sheathe your sword, pack away your bow and arrows, hang up your gown and slippers, or fold up your tent just yet!

The Shire of Anglespur proudly invites you to attend our annual Hunter’s Moon event. It will be a weekend filled with many different things to do and many new experiences to try. There is ample space for camping. Accommodations in the bunk room at the gate house are available to those who need it, on a first come first served basis.

This year’s array of activities include:
  • Martial Activites (Rattan, Fencing, Archery, & Thrown Weapons)
  • Arts & Sciences (Bardic, Cooking, General classes and Dancing)