Hunter’s Moon: Return of the Kielbasa Wars!

Over 30 years ago, the then-shire of Dragonship Haven crossed blades with the Shire of Anglespur in an epic weekend-long battle that came to be known as the Kielbasa Wars. This great skirmish is remembered fondly by those who were there. Unfortunately, no one can remember the outcome of the war. We in Anglespur believe there is only one way to decisively settle the matter: do battle again!

We invite one and all to join us as Anglespur meets Dragonship Haven for a weekend of fun! We will do battle in many forms, from swords and rapiers to arrows and axes. There will also be a variety of gentler arts to entertain and activities for our youth. Bring your best - and your kielbasa! - and we'll see who carries the day this time around!

This year’s array of activities include:
  • Martial Activites (Rattan, Fencing, Archery, & Thrown Weapons)
  • Arts & Sciences (General classes, Bardic, and Dancing)